Ownership History (Provenance)

Stefano Bardini (Courtesy of Fondazione Parchi Monumentale Bardini e Peyron.)

Ugo Bardini (Courtesy of Archivio Bardini.)

Josef Stransky (Courtesy of Musical America.)

O. Roy Chalk (Courtesy of Coronet magazine, August, 1966.)

1 October 1928

Sold by Mr. Ugo Bardini to Thos. Agnew & Sons, London. Ugo probably inherited the 1785 Delapierre portrait from his father, Stefano Bardini, who died on 12 September 1922.

5 March 1929

Sold by Thos. Agnew & Sons to Mr. Josef Stransky.

6 March 1936

Passed to Mrs. Stransky (Marie Stransky) upon Josef Stransky's death.

16 October 1954

Sold at auction (by order of Stransky executor) at Parke-Bernet Galleries in New York to Mr. O. Roy Chalk following Mrs. Stransky's death.

1 December 1995

Passed to Mrs. O. Roy Chalk (Claire Chalk) upon Mr. Chalk's death.

14 April 1996

Sold at auction by Mrs. Chalk at C.G. Sloan & Company, Bethesda, Maryland, to anonymous collector. (Mrs. Chalk died at age 95, on 1 May 2006.)